Work Like a Dog Day! August 5, 2020

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Date When Celebrated : This holiday is always held on August 5

Work Like a Dog Day honors and recognizes the hardest working among us.

Some people skate by, doing as little as possible. Others, do only what they have to. Others still work like a dog. While work is to be done, they dig in relentlessly. They seldom take a break until the task is completed.

We want to make sure to differentiate between "Work-A-Holics" and those who "Work Like a Dog". Work-A-Holics are always working, even though they may not be working hard. Those who work like a dog, work very hard while they are working. But, they do not work all of the time.

Today is a day to show appreciation for those who carry more than their load, and work like a dog. You can also honor them by working like a dog today. -


For those that work like a dog, they tend to endure a lot of muscle tension after a strenuous day of intensive labor. Those hard-working women and men will want to keep a high quality Muscle Rub handy During a work-filled day, tension may spread to their heads as these workers stay the course. This Blend of essential oils was designed with head tension in mind, and is easily kept on one's person for quick use as time allows. Before calling it a day after working like a dog, many rugged individuals enjoy the relaxation they get from soaking in a hot tub of epsom salts with soothing, calming, relaxing essential oils added, like: Bergamot Frankincense Lavender Roman Chamomile and/or YlangYlang


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