Teddy Bear Day

September 9 is Teddy Bear Day, a day to bring out all your teddy bears and thank them for their company, the fun times you have had with them, and for all the days and nights they comforted you.

Also, don't forget to give your teddy a big hug and apologize for all the rough housing your poor teddy bear may have had to go through in your childhood.

Teddy Roosevelt

Thought to have been created in the early 20th century, this iconic toy owes its name to American President Theodore Roosevelt, who was lovingly called Teddy by his family and friends.

The story of why the toy came to be named after him dates back to a hunting trip in 1902 when Roosevelt refused to shoot an injured bear. Rumor has it that in response, Morris Michtom, a candy store owner in New York displayed two stuffed bears made by his wife in his display window and called them Teddy's bear. Did You Know

…that the collective noun for bears is sleuth? - TimeAndDate.com



They are beloved by small children and seniors alike! The one-and-only, lovable, cuddly, good for tear-drying and snot wiping, best listener and secret-keeper in the world - Teddy Bear! With such an important role to play for so many, it's hard to imagine all the sweat, blood, and tears (amongst other bodily fluids) that have collected on this loyal friend! So, today I encourage all the Teddy Bear owners out there to WASH YOUR BEARS! It is easy to forget about all the cooties that end up on toys and stuffed animals. I challenge you to tackle this important job TODAY! and do so with a Nontoxic Cleaner! No sense in cleaning all the cooties away, only to leave synthetic toxins in their place... right? RIGHT! DIY All-Purpose Spray Cleaner Ingredients ¼ cup white vinegar 1 ¾ cups water 30 drops dōTERRA Essential Oils Recommended essential oil combinations:


  1. Add all ingredients to 16 ounce spray bottle. 

  2. Shake thoroughly. Spritz on surfaces and wipe clean. 

These cleaner recipes are so safe, you can even enlist your little people to assist you!


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