Swap Ideas Day!

September 10 is Swap Ideas Day. It is a day to share thoughts, barter goods, exchange ideas, trade opinions and discuss viewpoints with family members, friends, co-workers and strangers. This unofficial holiday is a celebration of the collaborative spirit. It promotes the notion that knowledge grows best when shared and that best ideas come about through teamwork. After all, two (or more) heads are better than one! Did You Know…

…that the use of the word swap originated in the 13th century? Then swap was used to refer to the sound of hitting. In the 16th century, the word came about to mean exchange, because people used to hit their hands together to indicate that they had come to an agreement. - TimeAndDate.com



Today's the day to bust out your Thinking Cap. Bounce your genius and maybe not-so-genius ideas off the people around you! There is power in utilizing a mastermind group. To help stay focused on the brainstorming at hand, you may want to try the time-tested Essential Oils known to assist in improving concentration and memory retention. Countless cultures across the world have relied on the many health benefits of pure and potent #EssentialOils for their proven effectiveness, affordability, and ease of use! Here is a short list of oils that have proven track records in the world of brain health: BRAIN FOG Peppermint Encouraging Blend Rosemary Lemon Douglas Fir MEMORY ISSUES Frankincense Vetiver Lavender Rose Copaiba Thyme Hawaiian Sandalwood While the above is not an exhaustive list, the oils listed are the top essential oils that are readily available and well known to support proper brain health in all its form. I encourage you to start using them on a daily bases, not just on special internet holidays!


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