September is Self Improvement Month!

Self Improvement Month reminds us that we all need to improve — and we all need to care for ourselves. It’s an opportunity for us to assess how satisfied we are with ourselves and to take the necessary steps to become who we aspire to be. Note: The self-improvement industry, valued at nearly $11 billion in the United States, offers books and other products intended to improve personal, mental, and physical health. -



Speaking from personal experience, don't allow yourself get caught in the trap of PERFECTIONISM! I was too hard on myself, stifling my inner genius for years! You know what I finally figured out? Life's too short... I'm never going to BE perfect... nothing I do will ever BE perfect... BUT, there are perfect moments in life, if we simply lean into the natural flow of things and allow the good to appear in its own timing... some people call that God's timing. In any case, one of the ways I was able to "let go", was to embrace the powerful effects of Essential Oils Changing one's mood can literally change one's life! There's this emotion called ANXIETY. It is the pre-curser emotion to DEPRESSION. Trust me, you don't want to live very long in either of these negative emotions! That's where this Grounding Blend convinced me that #EssentialOils WORK! It was the first oil I tried and was pleasantly surprised at the results I received. Actually... it was life-changing. Fast forward and I am all about another Calming Blend. This is a product line that is suitable for the entire family! There is the 15mL Oil Blend that is meant to be diffused. The handy 10mL Roll-On that you apply topically as needed (perfect to carry in your handbag, backpack, saddlebag, glovebox, etc). And the Sofgel Capsules that are taken one capsule at a time, again, as needed. I prefer to take this product in the evening. Becoming and maintaining calmness in our lives is crucial. With calmness of body and mind, we are free to enjoy life's little moments and apply ourselves to critical thinking. Here are some helpful ideas on staying calm in stressful times: 7 Ways to Stay Calm Getting more grounded in my daily life allowed become the woman I was designed to be! I don't procrastinate nearly as much as I used to (which caused anxiety) because I am no longer paralyzed by perfection! Unwind, calm down, relax, chill. Enjoy life again.


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