September is Baby Safety Month!

Safety for Your Child: Birth to 6 Months - Falls "Babies wiggle and move and push against things with their feet soon after they are born. Even these very first movements can result in a fall. As your baby grows and is able to roll over, he or she may fall off of things unless protected. Do not leave your baby alone on changing tables, beds, sofas, or chairs. Put your baby in a safe place such as a crib or playpen when you cannot hold him.

Your baby may be able to crawl as early as 6 months. Use gates on stairways and close doors to keep your baby out of rooms where he or she might get hurt. Install operable window guards on all windows above the first floor." -


As attentive parents, we take great care to ensure our children, especially babies, are kept in safe environments. However, even with the utmost care, accidents can & often do happen. When they do, it is a relief to know that there are #NaturalHealthCareSolutions available to parents who are concerned with using toxic ingredients on their children. Welcome to the Kids Oil Collection A unique collection of essential oil blends formulated with little ones in mind. Now with ten loops, add more of your favorite roll-ons into your Kids Collection bag.

* Updated with the new Tamer®️ Digestive Blend, flashcard, plus new and improved silicone toppers. Learn more about each individual blend in the Kids Oil Collection:Courage BlendDigestive BlendFocus BlendGrounding BlendProtective BlendRestful BlendSoothing Blend These #EssentialOils are an asset to any household! Another asset to many households is an extra income source. If you or anyone you know are interested in a #HomeBasedBiz and are open to natural forms of healthcare, my international team and I would love to help you get started on your own #DirectSales #WorkFromHome #BusinessOpportunity We welcome a quick chat to see if we are a good fit for you! If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that families need #MultipleStreamsOfIncome



Please send your compliments and inquiries to: #SelfHelpOils 💜 #TeamSelfHelpOils #NaturalRemedies #KidsEssentialOils #Focus #CourageBlend #DigestiveBlend #FocusBlend #GroundingBlend #ProtectiveBlend #RestfulBlend #SoothingBlend #KidsOilCollection #NaturalHealthCare #HealthFreedom

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