National Stepfamily Day!

What is life about, if not for the tears, trials, love, and laughter brought to us by family? Great relationships take work, and even more so when families decide to blend together! Although it takes the cooperation of the entire family unit to make it flow easily, I would like to focus on who I believe are the unsung HEROS of stepfamilies... STEPDADS That's right. I think in today's anti-testosterone culture where women are taught to stand loud and proud on their own two feet without the help from a man (and they can and should if that's what they desire), good men are being overlooked for one of the most valuable roles they play in a civilized society: that of the under-appreciated Stepdad. Too many North American children grow up in a fatherless home, or without any strong male role models. I won't post any data here, as it can be easily found on any internet search. But I will say this, it takes a special man to take on the leadership role; the financial and emotional burden of raising another man's child(ren). They should be celebrated for the (mostly cape-less) HEROS they truly are! THANK YOU! Stepdads!



Being a parent in any of its forms can be STRESSFUL! If you're like me, you look for natural alternatives to help during times of physical and/or emotional unrest. Here are my best solutions to handle life's ups and downs: 1. Sleep. Let's give it up for a good night's sleep! Sometimes getting enough quality sleep is the best thing for us. When I want to ensure that happens, I take a couple of Restful Complex Softgels or Copaiba Softgels to help calm my mind and relax my body. 2. To ensure I get a good night's sleep, I diffuse Essential Oils nightly. My usual choices are any of the following: Calming Blend Cedarwood Copaiba Frankincense Grounding Blend Lavender Restful Blend Vetiver 3. Exercise! Lol! I know... you KNEW I was going to say that! But it's true. Our bodies were designed for frequent movement. Barring serious medical issues, everyone should strive to get some kind of daily exercise! For the best results, it is wise to use a quality Muscle Rub before and after any strenuous exercise. Here are some additional #EssentialOils that may help with sore or achy joints or muscles: Lemongrass Marjoram Massage Blend Peppermint Pink Wintergreen Siberian Fir Soothing Blend 4. A healthy diet! People... we literally ARE what we eat! So to be your best, you need to eat the best! That doesn't have to mean the most expensive foods out there, but we should all make a concerted effort to eat as many clean, nourishment-dense foods as often as possible. In addition to quality food (did you know you many essential oils are edible?), we should be taking Quality Supplements, including a ProBiotic daily. Research does suggest that good nutrition really is the foundation to optimum health! 5. Meaningful relationships! For me, anyway, having a few special people in my life brings meaning and joy! But within any close, personal relationships, like with a stepfamily, there can be ups and downs within the mood of the family. A quick and easy way to help lift the spirits of the household is to diffuse uplifting essential oils! There is scientific research to indicate that citrus oils are great for creating an uplifting mood! Enlightening Blend Invigorating Blend Joyful Blend Uplifting Blend So why not take today to thank a Stepdad (or Stepmom) who stepped up to the plate, and introduce them to some healthy family-care options by sharing this post! Hint-hint. *For anyone or any household looking for a genuine work-from-home opportunity, my international team and I welcome a quick chat or email exchange to see if our offering might be a good fit for you, too! Please follow this link for more information: CLICK HERE


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