National Gorgeous Grandma Day! July 23, 2020

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Let's give it up for all the Gorgeous Grandma's out there! You know who you are! Being a grandma is easy. But being a #GorgeousGrandma is taking grandparenthood to the modern day next level! Let's break it down: GRAND - MA. Uh, huh... your title already acknowledged your GRANDNESS! Throw some GORGEOUS in there and you are winning at life as an "elder". No matter your age, you can always strive to get your gorgeous on!


Now we all know that beauty starts on the INSIDE. Right? RIGHT. I intend to be a Gorgeous Grandma myself, so I start each day with specific Supplements as my foundation to build upon for optimal health! #HealthIsWealth I use many different #EssentialOils throughout the day for my physical and emotional benefit. Mood Management is a *key* factor in maintaining our gorgeousness, as too much stress can lead to wrinkles! And I'm far too young-feeling to be down with THAT! Lol! At the end of every day I take care to cleanse my face with a Natural Skin Care line. I cannot stress enough how important the proper care of facial and neck skin is to all the young ladies out there! Start NOW! Do not wait until you begin to see signs of aging! Make skin care a daily ritual and you'll be thankful later! I Gorgeous Grandma promise. You may cleanse your face upon waking and before retiring for the day. After gentle cleansing you'll want to use an astringent, AKA a toner. I like to allow my face to "breathe" for a few minutes before applying an eye cream, moisturizer or night cream. Of course from time to time as needed (maybe 1-2 times a week), you'll want to use a mud mask or even conduct a thorough exfoliation and polishing on your face. Take the above simple self-care steps, and you too, can be a GORGEOUS GRANDMA!


SAFE-EFFECTIVE-AFFORDABLE Please send all compliments and inquiries to: #SelfHelpOils 💜 #TeamSelfHelpOils #SexyGrandma #YouthfulSkin #NaturalSolutions

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