National Chicken Wing Day! July 29, 2020

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Buffalo, NY is the home to the Buffalo Chicken Wing. They were invented at the Anchor Bar and Grill in Buffalo, NY in 1964 by Teressa Bellisimo. She served her creation as a late night snack for her son Dominic and his college friends. It immediately became wildly popular there. The recipe spread, and it rapidly became wildly popular in the United States, and ultimately world-wide.

Chicken Wing Day is a celebration of a very popular snack and appetizer. It's actually more than that, as some people consume chicken wings as the main meat course of their lunch or dinner meal.

The original Buffalo Chicken Wing was made by frying wings and then tossing them in a spicy sauce. Blue Cheese is commonly served on the side, as many people dip the wings into the blue cheese to "cut" the heat of the sauce. Since the creation of the first Buffalo wings, many variations to the recipe have been made. Some wings are baked, and the selection of sauces is limited only by your imagination.

Chicken wings are extremely popular around the world. In the U.S. over 27 billion wings are consumed every year. They are most popular at Superbowl parties. Over 1.25 billion wings consumed during the Superbowl game alone!

We hope that you celebrate both International Chicken Wing Day and National Chicken Wing Day with a big dish of Chicken Wings covered with your favorite sauces.

Chicken Wing Trivia:

* Prior to the invention of Buffalo Chicken Wings, wings were largely used as soup stock.

* The Anchor Bar in Buffalo sells more than 70 thousand pounds of chicken wings per month.

* Wing sauces commonly come mild, medium or hot. To many people, especially, the citizens of Buffalo .NY, the hotter the sauce, the better.

* The ideal match-up. Some folk can not imagine eating pizza without wings.

* The peppers used to make the hot sauce contains the chemical Capsaicin. The more Capsaicin, the hotter the pepper and the hotter the sauce. See Capsaicin levels by pepper -


Here in the USA, it's SUMMERTIME! And that means grilled food, including wings!

If you enjoy grilling out as much as I do, you're going to appreciate this recipe for Honey Lime Chicken Wings. YUM! However, if you prefer cooking indoors, you may decide on baking delicious Cardamom Mustard Chicken Wings. Either choice is sure to please!

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