Making the most of your surface cleaning

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Not just non-toxic, but actually healthy. And it smells great, too!

Make the most of household cleaning by using a safe & effective #Natural surface cleaner. Citrus oils make a great cleaning agents & bring uplifting energy into your home or work environment.

Did you know that #Grapefruit has a relatively short world history? Grapefruit is thought to have occurred naturally in the late 1600's as a cross between the Jamaican Sweet Orange & foreign Pomelo. It grew popular in the Caribbean.

You’ll be pleased to know that there are approx. 250 drops of #GrapefruitEssentialOil per each 15mL bottle. That's a lot of citrus oil! Click here to start cleaning with #Safe #Effective #Affordable Grapefruit oil!


SAFE-EFFECTIVE-AFFORDABLE Please send your compliments and inquiries to:

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