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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Our bodies are amazingly powerful when we give them the tools they need to help ward off dangers to our systems. Let's look at some things that can help optimize our Immune Systems so they can function at full capacity.



The #ImmuneSystem is the body's first line of defense against infections and disease. Every body needs a #SolidFoundation in order to operate correctly. Let's a take a look at some of the every day ways we can all increase our odds at living happier, healthier lives, longer...

dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®️ Let's face it, our soils are depleted, so even if we're eating healthy, fresh, organic food, chances are it is still missing vital nutrients. dōTERRA©️ makes it easy for us to balance out our daily nutritional needs with their Lifelong Vitality Pack®️ When taken as directed, you will gain all the benefits of these amazing three products! I call that 'sexy supplementation', & I'll gladly take all the help nature has to offer!

Getting Started

As many people have been drastically lacking in the proper amounts of quality nutrients, sometimes these #Supplements will be a shock to the body when they are first introduced. Some people experience a mild detoxification process. Therefore, I personally recommend that you ease yourself into the full recommended dose. The full dosage is 2 of each capsule twice a day - am & early pm. That's 12 capsules daily. I suggest new users start by taking only 1 of each capsule in the am for the first week. Graduating to 1 of each capsule twice a day in the second week. In the third week, 2 of each capsule in the am & 1of each in the evening. Then finally in the fourth week the full recommended serving of 2 of each capsule in the am followed by another 2 of each capsule in the early pm. This gradual pace will allow your body to adjust & you will be better able to monitor your personal reaction. If you have any signs of an upset stomach, please make sure you are taking your supplements with food & plenty of water. Also, you can go another week on a lower serving if that works best for your body. Everyone is unique! *I am not a medical professional, so please consult with your medical practitioner of choice with any supplementation concerns.

My Personal Experience

Supplementation was *key* for ME!

Have you ever felt just... blah? You didn't feel quite sick, but you didn't feel quite healthy, either? Yeah? Me, too! About 6.5 - 7 years ago as of the writing of this post, I was in "limbo-land" health-wise. I was under an enormous amount of mental & #EmotionalStress providing foster-care to Level-Three children (while raising my own kiddos) & was falling ill quite often. I had begun supplementation with a multitude of over-the-counter products & had started researching #AlternativeHealthCare #Solutions after my family practitioner put me on some #Thyroid medication that initially made me feel a little better, but hadn't addressed all my #HealthConcerns or #Symptoms. It was during that time of personal research that I was introduced to dōTERRA©️! At first it was their #EssentialOils that enticed me (#Balance blend being the #EO that SOLD me), but soon I discovered their Lifelong Vitality Supplements®️, & they have been a game-changer for my physical #Health & #MentalWellBeing! I tell people, 'you can have the prettiest house on the street, but if your foundation is weak, your house is weak'. You guys! Your health - the foundation of your body - is FAR MORE valuable than any pretty house! I encourage you to take loving care of it. A great place to start reenforcing your foundation is with the Lifelong Vitality Pack®️ Get Inspired I used to spend a small fortune on individual supplements! It was frustrating when I would run out of one product before another, plus I was ordering / purchasing from multiple resources! With the #LifelongVitalityPack®️ I am ordering from myself through the handy-dandy #LoyaltyRewardsProgram (monthly drop-ship). Each month I get to customize my monthly Loyalty Rewards cart to order exactly what my family & I need. Not only does my order get delivered directly to me, but because I order through #LRP, I earn points toward FREE products & my shipping is returned as points as well! That's a winning combination! Plus, when you order LLV through LRP, you will have the amazing option of adding up to 3 additional, pre-selected products at much reduced pricing! Just pop the dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®️ or the dōTERRA Nutrient Pack®️ (pre-packed half-portions) in your LRP cart & the system will ask if you would like any add-ons. Easy-peasy! And talk about award-worthy customer service... dōTERRA has it!

As always... I encourage each of you to Live a Life of Informed Self-Care!


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