Kiss and Make Up Day! August 25th, 2020

He forgot your anniversary. She disrespected you in front of your boss. OUCH. These are the types of human failings that lead to fights! But after stating one's grievances in a respectful manner, and perhaps offering a preferred forward plan of action... it's time to kiss and make up! WooHoo! (It's my favorite part of fighting!)


Loving relationships can take work! Sometimes we all need a little extra help going in the right direction. There may be a desire, but difficulty to forgive your partner. Enhancing your mood is one of the areas Essential Oils SHINE! I am EXCITED to introduce you to a set of #EssentialOils that are revolutionizing relationships! All the oils in this kit were designed to help achieve a specific emotional outcome:

🦋Comforting Blend 🦋Encouraging Blend 🦋Inspiring Blend 🦋Reassuring Blend 🦋Renewing Blend 🦋Uplifting Blend

Each of these "mood management" oils can be purchased separately, or as a convenient Emotional Aromatherapy Kit that are pre-diluted and can be applied topically! If you would rather diffuse yourself and household into a better mood you'll want the Emotional Aromatherapy®️ System Kit (You will SAVE 25% when you become a member!) As they say, "Manage Your Mood, Manage Your Life".


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