Updated: Aug 20, 2020

So, it turns out that International Hangover Day is held on the first Saturday of every August, which happens to fall on August 1st this year - 2020. My guess is that since last night was Friday, July 31st, there are many people waking up to dehydrated bodies, upset tummies, and pounding heads! Oops. I didn't mean to yell. If you happen to know anyone that is suffering on this international holiday, as a kind and thoughtful friend, you will certainly want to pass along these helpful hangover tips.


Your liver will thank you if you take better care to help keep it detoxified. One of the BEST remedies for this is a Detoxification Blend taken internally by capsule. In fact, if you take this blend regularly, your body may become better conditioned to rally quicker after your next celebration! This Proprietary Blend contains the CPTG®️ essential oils: Frankincense WildOrange Lemongrass Thyme SummerSavory Naiouli and Clove Bud. Another option would be the Metabolic Blend (which is also great for Weigh-Loss). The synergistic effect of the CPTG®️ #EssentialOils in this blend are known to be detoxifying: Grapefruit Ginger Peppermint CinnamonBark and Lemon If suffering with an #UpsetTummy, my first recommendation would be any one of the Digestive Blend products, including the Digestive Chewable Tablets. Geranium essential oil is also known to help with tummy issues. A pounding head is often a chief complaint the day after a celebration. This Tension Blend was specifically designed with headaches in mind! (Oopsy. There I go, yelling again.)

As you can see, there are many Natural Solutions when dealing with the unpleasantness of a hangover. You'll want to keep these home remedies handy for the fun future.


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