Embrace Your Geekness Day! July 13th, 2020

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

According to: HolidayInsights.com Embrace Your Geekness Day is a great day to be a Geek. Or, to know a Geek.

A geek is an individual who is highly intelligent, brainy and technically oriented. Geeks are at home in the world of computers, and computer systems. A geek is usually formal, studious and into his  or her technical environment, often to the exclusion of all else.

A geek is closely related to a "Nerd". A nerd however, may or may not possess technical expertise.

Some people view the term "Geek" with a negative connotation. Are they jealous of your knowledge and skills? We certainly think so.

Enjoy Embrace Your Geekness Day to the fullest. Spend plenty of time with your computer. Talk computer lingo and jargon. If you are a geek, stand tall and proud. Isn't it great to be so brilliant and gifted!?

The Origin of Embrace Your Geekness Day:

Believe it or not, Embrace Your Geekness Day is a copyrighted holiday created for fun and for profit by the good folks at Wellcat Holidays



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