Buckets or a Pipeline?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

2020. It's time to rethink your financial strategy. It's time to dig deep.

When you evaluate your current financial situation, are you laying a financial pipeline? or are you still hauling buckets? In the story of the remote villager who hauled buckets of water from the river to their village every day, they carried two to four buckets of water a day so that their family would have water. The villager soon realized that if they could take some extra time each day to build a pipeline from the river to their village, at some point they could stop spending hours every day hauling water. With water freely flowing through the pipeline, and the time saved on no longer hauling buckets, the villager learned they could focus their extra time and money (the neighbors were delighted to pay for the convenience of the piped-in water) to grow their wealth and enjoy other gainful activities.

This timeless story beautifully illustrates the necessity of having multiple streams of income! It's all about FLOW. #CashFlow! You want money to #Flow into your life whether or not you've worked a 40+ hour week. You. Me. We all NEED a #FinancialPipeline... an additional income source.

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