Happy World Senior Citizen's Day!

Senior Citizens - On Friday, August 21st, 2020, we celebrate our senior citizens! Here in the United States, there is no official age that brands you a senior. However, many consider 60 years old to be the "magic" number. As we age, our bodies begin to show signs of wear-and-tear. Many people develop muscle and joint aches and pains. As modern society transitions back to time-tested #NaturalRemedies, more and more people are rediscovering the many health benefits of pure #EssentialOils! Here are 10 essential oils well-known for their ability to help ease joint and muscle discomfort when applied topically: • Marjoram Soothing BlendPeppermintMassage BlendCypress(Pink) WintergreenLemongrassLavenderSiberian FirEucalyptus

Yay! for Senior Citizens! They should be valued and revered. It wasn't so long ago that the elders of the tribe were held in high places of respect due to their life's accumulated experience and knowledge. Believe it or not, the internet doesn't have all of life's answers... there are some things only human eyes and hearts can relate to.

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