2020. The Year That Taught the World We Need Multiple Streams of Income. It's Not Too Late to Pivot.

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Never before has it been made so clear to me that EVERYONE needs multiple streams of income! From unexpected illness, to unforeseen government control of private business, to social unrest... we need to #Diversify our financial resources! Do you have a personal plan in place for the next financial shutdown?


My current plan is simple: Help as many people as I can, in as many countries as I can, share as much information as I can, as often as I can about the genuine opportunity that lays at their doorstep in becoming a dōTERRA #WellnessAdvocate. The concept is rather simple, but time-proven, & effective! This opportunity is open to everyone! We are a "People Helping People" industry. I want to help individuals & families discover #NaturalSolutions to their everyday issues. While this #BusinessOpportunity may not be a good fit for everyone, it is for many! And of course EVERYONE can benefit from the essential oils & essential oils-based products!

I am actively looking to partner with motivated, dynamic, health-conscious people from around the globe who are interested in one or more of the following: #BetterHealth #MoreProsperity #ResidualIncome #HelpingOthers If any of these sound like you or someone you know, I would welcome a brief conversation!

Now more than ever the world wants & needs the natural solutions my international teammates & I have to offer! We don't simply sell the most pure, therapeutic, ethically-sourced, scientifically studied essential oils on the planet... we extend physical, emotional, & financial #Hope to hurting people! If you are like-minded, we would love for you to join us! Full-time or part-time, you can help change your financial future & positively impact the world for good, one drop at a time! #PursueWhatsPure Pursue the dōTERRA lifestyle. Please visit the #IncomeOpportunity tab on my website: SelfHelpOils.com


SAFE-EFFECTIVE-AFFORDABLE Please send your compliments & inquires to: Laura@SelfHelpOils.com #SelfHelpOils 💜 #TeamSelfHelpOils #NetworkMarketing #DirectSales #WorkFromHome #2020Pivot #SideGig #SideHustle #HomeBasedBusiness #HomeOffice #MoneyMatters #BeYourOwnBoss #SmallBusiness #MakeMoneyOnline #FinancialFreedom #BossBabe

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