Laura Alban

Personal Testimony


I don't just sell these products. I sell these products because I personally use them & they WORK!
I have shed close to 50 POUNDS on dōTERRA! 

My Story


I have a genuine desire to see men & women from all walks of life prosper in all areas of their lives, including their emotional, physical, & financial lives. 

As a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, I have many tools at my fingertips to help people all over the world discover the enormous natural benefits of essential oils, & essential oil-based products.

My international team, Self Help Oils & I know that these "gifts of the earth" can enhance your life, too! 

I am actively seeking dynamic, health-conscious people who are open to natural forms of healthcare & would like to know more about the most pure, therapeutic, & scientifically studied essential oils available!

Now more than ever the world wants & needs the Natural Solutions my teammates & I have to offer! As Wellness Advocates, we don't simply sell the most ethically-sourced essential oils... we extend physical, emotional, & financial HOPE to hurting people. 

If you or anyone you know are looking for a genuine opportunity to create an extra cash flow in your spare time, I am looking for dynamic, self-motivated individuals interested in any of the following:

Better Health - More Prosperity
Residual Income - Helping Others